Tesco helps babies discover a whole new world of tastes and textures with the launch of its exclusive own brand baby food range

8 Nov 2018

Tesco has launched its own brand baby food this week, providing parents with an exciting range of meals made from natural, high quality ingredients at great value. The new Exclusive to Tesco baby food range is made up of 15 new products including pouches, ready meal trays and rice cakes and will be available in over 700 stores.

All products within the range will contain no added salt or sugar, no artificial colours or flavouring and will have at least 45% veg in all of the meals.

From Spaghetti Bolognese Pouches and Cottage Pie to Pear & Berry Rice Cakes, our new range will help welcome babies to the world of food with great tasting classics.

Sinead Bell, the Category Director for Baby, Beauty and Toiletries at Tesco said:

“Our recipes have been developed with experts and nutritionists to help babies on their journey of discovering exciting new tastes and textures. Our organic range of pouches, trays and snacking encourages the experience, enjoyment and exploration of food with health, taste and quality at the heart of every recipe.

"We have packed in as much veg as possible and there is no added salt or sugar in any of our products. It’s our way of helping even our youngest customers lead healthier lives and supporting parents in their goal to raise healthy eaters.”

The new Exclusive to Tesco baby food range includes:

  • Prune Baby Food Pouch 70g 6+ months 45p
  • Carrot Baby Food Pouch 70g 6+ months 45p
  • Apple & Mango Pouch 70g 6+ months 45p
  • Pear & Apple Pouch 70g 6+ months 45p
  • Pea Parsnip Pear Pouch 100g  6+ months 50p
  • Carrot, Sweet Potato & Swede Pouch 100g 6+ months 50p
  • Courgette, Aubergine and Red Pepper Pouch 130g 7+ months 60p
  • Spaghetti Bolognese Pouch 130g 7+ months 60p
  • Tomato & Courgette Spaghetti Mini Meal 190g 10+ months 95p
  • Spaghetti Bolognese Baby Tray 190g 10+ months 95p
  • Cottage Pie Baby Tray 190g 10+ months 95p
  • Vegetable Rice 200g 12+ months 95p
  • Apple Rice Cakes 40g 80p
  • Pear & Berry Rice Cakes 40g 80p
  • Apple Rice Cakes 4 X 20g £1.80