Tesco Statement on 2 Sisters Food Group

19 Dec 2017

Following further coverage on 2 Sisters Food Group, please find our statement below:

"Nothing is more important to Tesco than the safety of the food we sell.

We ensure the food our supplier partners produce is of the highest standard with routine, detailed and rigorous audits across our supply chain.

When we became aware of the issues at 2 Sisters’ West Bromwich site, we immediately conducted an additional 46 visits and inspections across other 2 Sisters poultry sites. None of the specific food safety risks highlighted at West Bromwich were replicated at any other site. Tesco’s inspections did not identify regulatory breaches at any of 2 Sisters sites.

Coupar Angus is an important source of chicken for the whole retail industry. All retailers conduct regular inspections as a safeguard against potential food safety issues. Our inspection highlighted a number of inadequate processes at this site, including labelling, segregation, traceability and recording. We insisted these were addressed immediately to prevent any food safety issues.

We have shared our findings with the Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland and welcome their investigations. We continue to monitor practices closely across 2 Sisters poultry sites."