Shopping with autism made easier at Tesco

Sally Brushwood

Tesco customer
Leeds, UK

5 Sep 2016

For people with autism, shopping can be a challenge. Tesco’s Scan as you Shop service helped change that for Cameron, 10. His mum Sally shares their experience.

My son Cameron is 10 years old and has autism. His condition means that he cannot stand in queues or be near too many people. Our weekly shopping trip is a continuous challenge – or was, until Cameron spotted Tesco's Scan as you Shop service. 

One day, as a reward for being good, we asked Cameron what he would like to do. Of all the things he might have chosen, the thing he said was: “I want to try Scan as you Shop at Tesco”. So off we went to our local Tesco Extra in Seacroft, Leeds!

He loved it. 

He took control of the scanner straight away. Every item was scanned carefully before they went into bags in the trolley. He even gave me updates on how much we had spent as we progressed along each aisle!

I asked Cameron what he liked most about Scan as you Shop. He replied, “I don’t have to stand in a queue at the checkout and unload the groceries and then repack them again.” This sounds simple but is important for Cameron. 

Scan as you Shop is such a beneficial service, but is especially useful for autistic children like Cameron. For Cameron, shopping is an important life skill. This has taught him what he is spending and saving as he goes, and what his budget is too.

It's great to see Scan as You Shop becoming more widely available and hopefully it can help more kids like Cameron.  

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