Exclusively at Tesco - great products at great value

Matt Kay

Group Brand Director - Exclusively at Tesco

28 Sep 2018

As a retailer we have a long track record of offering our own Tesco brands.

Pioneering own-brand goods

Back in 1924, T.E. Stockwell's tea became the very first product sold under the Tesco brand, with the promise of good quality and great value. Own brands continued to be one of the main reasons customers chose to shop with us. Tesco Value launched in 1993 and became a firm favourite, reassuring customers that they didn’t have to compromise on quality at everyday low prices, and our Tesco Finest range is approaching its 20th anniversary, offering quality products made from the very best ingredients sourced from around the world.

Exclusively at Tesco

That commitment to quality and value lives on today. In 2016, we launched eight new fresh food brands, including Redmere Farms and Boswell Farms, offering quality, fresh produce at low prices - all from approved farms, growers and suppliers. Our Exclusively at Tesco ranges have added to our offering and have come directly from listening to our customers – each range is designed to meet a different customer need. We looked back at our heritage and launched T.E. Stockwell in early 2018, offering a range of cupboard essentials customers can rely on, including our original tea. Hearty Food Company offers a range of tasty meals ready to dish up for a quick midweek dinner. For those with a sweet tooth, Ms Molly’s offers tasty treats such as biscuits, ice cream and desserts, and H.W. Nevill’s serves up delicious bakery favourites such as sliced bread, baguettes and scones for the whole family to enjoy.

Listening to our customers

Offering these brands gives customers what they want – great quality at affordable prices – and we’ve been pleased by their response. These brands now feature in almost two-thirds of customer baskets and we will continue to listen and make sure we offer the best possible range of own brand products.

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