Tesco Central Europe colleague event

Dave Lewis

Group CEO

25 Oct 2017

Dave Lewis writes about what he heard from Central European Tesco colleagues at their annual conference.

This was my first time at a Central Europe colleague conference. Matt and his team had kindly invited me to attend the first part of their conference to share my thoughts on the thinking and the importance of our purpose. It was an awesome afternoon.

1,300 colleagues from across Central Europe came together in Brno in the Czech Republic. The agenda for the first day focussed on purpose, vision, the transformation plans and the role of the service model in simplifying the way we run our business. The energy in the room was tangible and whilst things have been challenging for the team in CE in recent years there was a real sense to me of a new start.

Matt opened it up by asking the team if they were ready. Ready to lead a change in our business, ready to redefine how the team lead and ran the business. Ready to work together in a market full of opportunity if we could rethink our approach. To serve, to simplify and to partner differently in CE to build a sustainable business for the future.

There was time for some fun too. An F&F fashion show was outstanding. Great fashion, real energy and some wonderful performances. A smile on all our faces.

In the break, I got to understand our new own brand work in pet care and to hear about the work in household and baby. Clearly a very committed team!

So much to see and so much to be proud of but my last photo has to go to the safety and first aid team because no one should get hurt shopping or working at Tesco and we must be prepared to treat everyone as we would like to be treated. Top class and so good to see safety and first aid being taken so seriously.


Sadly, I had to slip away to catch my plane. Next time I’m hoping they will invite me to the evening party and the Christmas plans day. I’m sure, with this team both would have been hugely enjoyable sessions.

Thanks for inviting me to share such an important occasion.

Good luck


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