EMBARGO - New organic berry packaging helps improve recycling

Jess McKenzie

Organic Fruit Buyer
Welwyn Garden City

1 Sep 2016

New packaging for organic soft fruit offers Tesco customers a better recycling solution.

We’re proud of the fantastic fruit we’ve been able to offer customers this summer. Our farm brands range and Perfectly Imperfect “wonky” produce are flying off the shelves.

We know taste is important and that customers want us to help them make less of an impact on the environment. That's why our organic blueberries, raspberries and strawberries will come in a pulp punnet. Customers can put this new packaging straight into their household recycling bins.

The demand for organic fruit continues to soar, with sales growing by more than 20 per cent in the last year alone. We've been working with our berry suppliers to improve the product, including the packaging. Last year we introduced smaller snacking pack sizes for several of our organic berry lines. This has gone some way to help reduce food waste in the home. We hope these new pulp punnets will now help customers recycle more packaging too.

We'll continue to make sure organic produce is an affordable option for our customers. We continue to improve how we pick and transport fruit to give extra days of freshness in the home. Collaborative partnerships with our growers create the perfect growing conditions for our fruit. We work hard to produce high-quality organic fruit throughout the berry season for our customers.

We’ve already trialled the new pulp punnet design with some of our customers. We received some great feedback, so we're delighted to introduce them to stores across the UK.


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