Introducing the Tesco Little Helps Calculator

Robert Okunnu

Head of Health Policy for Tesco
Welwyn Garden City

19 May 2017

New online tool allows you to put together a basket of selected products available on Tesco shelves, and see how much sugar, fat and salt has been swapped out.

This month we launched our little helps to healthier living campaign, which is all about making healthier choices a little easier for customers, colleagues and communities across the UK.

Key to the campaign are the 'helpful little swaps’ we’re promoting in our stores, many of which have lower sugar, fat or salt than the regular alternatives.

Little Helps Calculator

Today we’re piloting our brand new Little Helps Calculator. This handy online tool allows you to select a basket of products available in Tesco. It then calculates how much sugar, fat and salt has been swapped – either by us changing the recipe or by selecting a suggested ‘swap’ item.

Swapping reduces sugar, fat and salt

It was a real eye-opener when I first tried it. My suggested swaps basket of cornflakes, a spicy pepperoni pasta bake, bottle of salad cream, cranberry juice and some rice pudding came out to have almost 30% less sugar, over 30% less fat and 10% less salt. This was achieved by choosing our new recipes for cornflakes, pasta bake, salad cream and cranberry juice, and by opting for low fat rice pudding, as suggested by the calculator.

8,000 tonnes of sugar, fat and salt removed

I’m proud of the work we’ve done to reduce the sugar fat and salt levels of the own-label food that we sell. We’ve already removed over 8,000 tonnes of sugar, fat and salt across a range of 2,000 own-label products including breakfast cereals, yoghurts and ready meals by changing the recipes. In November 2016, we became the first supermarket to reduce the sugar content of all our own-brand soft drinks to below 5%.

More products

We plan to keep adding products where we’ve changed the recipe into our Little Helps Calculator, to really help demonstrate how we’re doing our best to help our customers make healthier choices.

The Healthy Little Helps calculator can be accessed here: [insert link]

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