Our Gender Pay at Tesco

Kari Daniels

Commercial Director for Packaged Food
Welwyn Garden City, UK

12 May 2017

How we are monitoring and tackling our gender pay at Tesco.

I am proud to work for one of the first employers to openly publish their gender pay gap figures in advance of the government deadline next year. This shows our commitment to transparency and our desire to play our role in tackling this issue. We believe all colleagues, regardless of gender, should have the same opportunities to get on within our business.

Equal pay reporting

We have been monitoring and reporting on Tesco’s equal pay gap for several years. We were one of the first employers to sign-up to the voluntary Think, Act, Report scheme when it was launched back in September 2011.

Although the equal pay gap in our UK business is currently 1%, the gender gap figures we have published today show xx% difference when looking at the average earnings of male and female colleagues regardless of job role.

The reasons for this pay gap have been identified as: 

  • More male colleagues work more premium-paid hours, such as nights, Sundays and Bank holidays, than female colleagues.
  • There are more male colleague in senior higher-paid positions than female colleagues.

Working at Tesco

We are putting in place an action plan to ensure we address this gender pay gap and encourage all colleagues, the opportunity to get on in Tesco.

While we’ve achieved much in the way of gender equality, there’s still much more work to do.

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