Love British mushrooms

James Cantoni

Buying Manager
Welwyn Garden City

27 Jun 2017

How our long term partnership with G's brings customers British mushrooms all year round.

It’s non-stop in the world of mushrooms; they're picked & packed 365 days a year. Many Tesco Mushrooms come from G’s, who we’ve been working with for over 30 years over a variety of categories across fresh produce.

British farmed mushrooms

The modest mushroom begins its life as a spore being woven into a fresh compost mix before it's laid into growing tunnels. By controlling the temperature, G’s simulate the natural climate change of the seasons. They nurture our great tasting mushrooms at a selection of British farms. The majority are grown at our Tesco dedicated May Farm in Ely, Cambridgeshire which is accredited with the ‘fair to nature’ status. This means they actively promote biodiversity and sustainability at their farm.

It takes six weeks to perfect the final crop of which we take over 10,000 ton per year from G’s. The picking team hand select each mushroom to ensure the best quality and consistency for our customers. Being packed immediately at source, we can guarantee only the freshest mushrooms end up on our shelves and in our customer’s fridges at home.

Mushrooms in every meal

Mushrooms are an incredibly versatile food. They're delicious as a side dish (perhaps sautéed in garlic & butter) or a wonderful main portion of a meal for example when stuffed. They can even be used as a brilliant meat-free burger patty alternative. To reduce mushroom food waste at home, mushrooms make a perfect addition to soups, stews, pies and pasta.

Our partnership with G’s supplies Britain with quality, responsibly sourced mushrooms. Our customers benefit with a healthy meal solution, whatever the occasion, 365 days-a-year.

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