British Bumble Bees at Tesco

Emma Burke

Group Technical Director - APS
Middlewich, Cheshire

31 Jul 2017

Great British Bees help to produce Great British tomatoes at Tesco.

British Bumble Bees are 'employed' to help produce Tesco tomatoes. At APS we use natural systems to optimise fruit quality. Enrolling the help of thousands of bees is the most natural way to pollinate our tomato plants.

Bringing British Bees Back

British Bumble Bees (Bombus terrestris, sub species Audax) were collected from the UK countryside many years ago. Bee suppliers now import these native sub species back to the UK to help with tomato pollination in British glasshouses.

The bees have a purpose built hive for a healthy and active colony. Protected from adverse weather conditions and a plentiful supply of food, they lead a comfortable and productive life. Just like our biological control insects, the bees also help control pests in the glasshouse. Bees are an essential and natural part of producing our delicious tomatoes. 

Sustainable Tomato Growth

At APS we work with nature to help support of bee and other insect population. We plant wild flower meadows to encourage and feed the native ‘wild’ bee populations. We specialise in the production of tomatoes in the most sustainable way possible. Producing great tasting tomatoes by working with nature and natural ecosystems. 

Our glasshouses help to protect the fruit and enable us to control the conditions, optimising them for tomato growth. The bees have the ideal environment to do their essential work in protecting and pollinating our Great British Tomatoes.

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