Bonus British cauliflower crop from our suppliers this March

David Daniels

Category Buying Manager
Welwyn Garden City

22 Mar 2017

Customers will see more British cauliflowers in Tesco, at a bonus price, as we help our suppliers reduce farm food waste.

We've been talking to our cauliflower suppliers for weeks about how the mild winter may affect their crops. Unseasonably good growing conditions have accelerated the growth of cauliflowers and so the crop has matured early. We use advanced forecasting and ordering systems, but at certain times of the year our farmers see bumper crops. Farmers, call these moments 'crop flushes'.

The result is that they'll have too much produce. We don't want to see this extra produce go to waste, so we'll take it all. Weekly, we sell over 400,000 cauliflowers but this month we will take a further 220,000 from our producers who have seen a peak, following a mild winter. Our farmers benefit from us taking their increased yield. We also want our customers to benefit, so we're dropping the price to 79p, down from a pound.

Helping our suppliers

At Tesco, we’re passionate about working in partnership with our suppliers so that no edible food goes to waste. In the last 12 months, we’ve been able to take bumper crops and offer customers bonus deals on strawberries, cherries, lettuce and celery. Customers benefitted from great prices; our farmers were happy we could take more from them, and we prevented good food from going to waste. Everyone wins.

This is another example of Tesco working with our farmers and suppliers to give customers the best products, at the best prices.

Cauliflower Steaks

Cauliflower has become one of the food trends of the past few years thanks to the huge trend for spiralising vegetables as a low carb alternative to rice and couscous. It’s a perfect vegetable for any meat eater embracing a varied diet. By cutting the cauliflower into steak sized chunks and pan frying them, an amazing meaty caramelised flavour develops. Cauliflower is rich in Vitamin C, low GI and naturally gluten free.

No time for waste

This is part of our ongoing work to tackle food waste wherever it occurs – from farm to fork. Tesco believes that no food that could be eaten should be wasted. That’s why we’ve committed that no food that is safe for human consumption will go to waste from Tesco UK Retail operations by the end of 2017.

If you’re looking for a new way to use cauliflower, how about trying our spicy cauliflower recipe.

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