Over 100 Tesco seafood products now MSC-certified

Champagne Cleary

Buying Manger - Fish

27 Apr 2017

Tesco expands its Marine Stewardship Council seafood range to over 100 products.

We are committed to playing our part to protect the world’s oceans and fish stocks, whilst ensuring that customers can enjoy great quality fish at affordable prices. We've a growing range of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified seafood and I am excited to announce this month we surpassed 100 products. The MSC’s logo reassures our customers that the fish is caught in a sustainable way that prevents over-fishing and protects the marine environment. Tesco has taken this step to help protect the future of our seas and ensure that customers in the future can enjoy fish in the way we do today.

MSC-certified expansion

Shoppers can now buy great sustainable fish from every one of Tesco’s fresh fish counters across the UK. There's also a wide variety of MSC-certified pre-packed, frozen and canned seafood products in our stores. That’s an increase in our MSC product range of over 500%. Tesco’s marine sustainability experts ensure all our seafood is responsibly sourced, which means we track the sustainability of each fishery we source from and ensure there are plans in place to address any key concerns. 

Our one-hundredth product is Tesco Finest* Battered Haddock & Mushy Pea Fishcakes which are made using sustainably sourced haddock from MSC-certified fisheries. It’s a great recipe that evokes fish and chips at the seaside and it’s produced in Grimsby, a town built on a proud fishing tradition.

Sourcing sustainable fish

This latest MSC addition is part of our wider ambition for 100% of our seafood to be sourced sustainably and MSC certified. Tesco has also signed-up to a major agreement between leading seafood retailers and suppliers that will protect the pristine areas of the Northern Barents Sea in the Arctic from the expansion of cod fisheries in the region. We’ve also joined the push for the sustainable management of the world’s tuna stocks, in partnership with NGOs and other businesses.

Our work on fish follows a series of measures we have taken that are designed to help build trusted and transparent partnerships with our suppliers and make sure more of our quality products are sourced sustainably. For more information about what the MSC is doing to protect the world’s oceans please see their website

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